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Humans of TheaterFestival – Wali Rooble

di 05 sep 2017


Hoe gaat het er achter de schermen van het TheaterFestival aan toe? Wie zijn al die werkkrachten, vrijwilligers en partners die noeste arbeid verrichten om u in theatrale vervoering te brengen? Vandaag: Wali Rooble

Dina Dooreman

(c) Milana Vojnovic

The past week I’ve crossed Wally several times in the hallways of the Kaaitheater. As a volunteer, he is always busy setting up the festival terrace, preparing food for the artists and helping out at the ticket desk. Working at a Flemish institution is important for Wally as it is a good exercise to practice his Dutch in a city that is rather French-oriented. Wally enjoys his time at the festival. ‘There is a good atmosphere and people are really friendly.’ Generally he feels more at ease in Brussels, the way of thinking and living suits him better. ‘Belgium is exactly how I imagined it. I feel free and I can do whatever I want. In Yemen everything is so focused on religion and there are so many restrictions.’ The situation in Yemen worsened over the last years and for his own safety, it is impossible to visit his grandmother who is still living there. Two years ago Wally was forced to leave Yemen and his family behind because of the war that was terrorizing the country. He believed he would have the best chances in Brussels because of the city’s international vibe. The diversity of nationalities and languages helps him to adapt quicker.

Wally started working at the Kaaitheater last summer where he volunteered as a security guard for Jan Fabre’s Mount Olympus. To glorify the cult of tragedy, a 24-hour performance.
‘I was able to see the show during my shift and it was really strange. It was the first time I actually saw people performing naked on stage. Theatre doesn’t exist in Yemen. The people have a very basic life and there is not enough money for theatre. Even drinking water is not so obvious because it is more expensive than fuel, for instance.’ Learning Dutch is on the top of Wally’s list as he is planning to start a study in pharmacy at COOVI this month. During his studies he will continue volunteering for the Kaaitheater.

‘I would like to continue in theatre and maybe one day, if somebody likes to work with me, even perform. I already assisted Miet Warlop and Kate McIntosh during their performances. For Crumbling Down by Miet Warlop I was one of the performers and I had to clap my hands covered in plaster until they broke. I am really proud of it.’

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