het Theater Festival

“Within the format of a romantic concert, Vercammen and Cnapelinckx pour hot issues such as migration, climate, utilitarianism and political repression into the smooth mould of a children's fable.”


“The Pale Baron is a musical fairy tale that could just as easily be about a dictatorship from the past as one from the future, and which adults and children will each find very useful in different ways. So let come the poems, the blank lines, the blush and the hesitation.”

Het Nieuwsblad

The Pale Baron

Kopergietery / KGbe


The pale baron is the great leader of the underwater state.  He always grabs the last piece, even before others have been served. He strongly dislikes poets, they mean all kinds of things between the lines, in white where nothing is written. This makes the baron feel very uncomfortable. Fortunately, Felix & Felka are not poets. They are singers….

‘The pale baron’ is a new musical fable by Anna Vercammen & Joeri Cnapelinckx (‘The queen has vanished’, the anal phase). About an intimate friendship between two musicians during a regime that sees no point in being useful other than the fact of being useful, and that hunts down everything or anyone that is deemed superfluous or different.




Concept, creation, play & music: Anna Vercammen, Joeri Cnapelinckx
Artistic coach: Joris Van den Brande
Scenography: Michiel Soete
Costumes: Joke Raes
Voice: Lore Dejonckheere
Sound: Jonas De Wulf
Light: Jeroen Doise
Technique: Jonas De Wulf, Kris Van Oudenhove
Decor: Kris Van Oudenhove, Polien Demeulemeester, Jonas De Wulf, Gielke Smet
Production management: Gielke Smet

A production by Kopergietery & KGbe
Thanks to Cultuurcentrum Brugge
With the support of the Tax Shelter measurement of the Belgian federal government
€20 / +65: €18 / -26: €16 / -18: €14
duration: 65 min.
language: Dutch with French subtitles