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“Jetse Batelaan does it again: convincing young and old alike with a funny, layered yet deeply psychological performance.”


Een leuk avondje uit

Jetse Batelaan / hetpaleis / Theater Artemis & Het Zuidelijk Toneel


Most of the time things go as planned, but life is unfortunately also full of obstacles. 

Sometimes things fall over.

And not always at the right time.

Pets get sick.

There is news that scares you.

And then there are also pants that don’t fit well, girlfriends who are annoying and days that are just not fun.

Emotions run high in this performance. Sadness, fear, love, shame, joy and loneliness all get their own dazzling show number. But also behind the scenes, feelings take center stage. While the musical stars sing and dance like their lives depend on it, they try to shut their feelings out. But that’s not easy. Especially if you’re human. Will they manage to keep themselves in check? Or will their emotions steal the show? Stop the thief!




Direction: Jetse Batelaan
Performers: Mourad Baaiz, Goele Derick, Wijnand Gomes, Chris van der Lee, Tristan van der Lingen, Ramon Mahieu, Marjan De Schutter, Jenell Tedjai, Rosanne & Mylene Waalewijn
Willemijn Zevenhuijzen
Dramaturgy: Koen Haagdorens
Musical composition: Ton van der Meer, Keimpe de Jong
Sound design: Bob Hermans
Choreography: Christian Celini
Decor: Theun Mosk
Costumes: Liesbet Swings
Assistant director: Tim Verbeek
Production manager: Klaas Tops
Stage manager: Jasper Van Bourgognie
1st property manager: Stan Bannier
Artistic advice: Piet Menu
With the support of: de taxsheltermaatregel van de Belgische Federale Overheid via Casa Kafka
PARTERRE: €22 / +65: €20 / -26: €18 / -18: €14

BALKON: €20 / +65: €18 / -26: €16 / -18: €14


+ The Pale Baron
BASIS +65 -18
duration: 90 min.
language: Dutch