het Theater Festival

For ten days in 2023, Het TheaterFestival once again turns the spotlight on the unique Flemish theatre landscape in its full glory.

Het TheaterFestival is a warm place where audiences and professionals can enjoy interesting theatre events and the conversations about them. But also inspiring encounters and in-depth debates, master classes and instructive workshops.

A newly composed polyphonic professional jury – with Charlotte De Somviele, Emilie Kabongo, Audrey Leboutte, Lore Missinne, Gable Roelofsen, Filip Tielens, Wouter Hillaert & Wim Van Parijs – compiles the jury selection after a year of intensive prospecting.

There are still certainties: Het TheaterFestival kicks off with festive and critical speeches: the State of the Union will be spoken by an artist with renommée and with the State of the Youth, young violence will present a new and fresh sound.

Het TheaterFestival is looking forward to kicking off the new season of KVS and Kaaitheater with one big theatre festival.

Make a note of the new festival dates (7>17/09) and keep an eye on this website for regular programme updates!

The festival heart is at KVS. The Brussels presentation partners are Pilar, Kaaistudio’s, Zinnema, Beursschouwburg, BRONKS, de Hallen van Schaarbeek, CC de Factorij and CC ‘t Vondel.


Het TheaterFestival is a leading festival that annually opens the performing arts season with a public celebration, shaped by the presentation of a jury selection to the most interesting work of the past season.

Het TheaterFestival promotes, challenges and stimulates the performing arts field. It lets talents shine, provides development opportunities, recognition and a basso continuo for the many creators and workers who shape our field.

It keeps its finger on the pulse of trends in the arts field that shape cities as well as across national borders. It invites audiences as well as artists and cultural workers to in-depth critical reflection and exchange with its extensive reflection section and, where necessary, implements the knowledge gained in its operations.

We put (ecological) sustainability first and values such as quality, polyphony and inclusion form a common thread throughout our work.