het Theater Festival


Het TheaterFestival strives to be a multi-voiced festival that reflects contemporary social and artistic trends both on and behind the scene. With an open mind and solidary attitude, every year we try to meet the needs and perspectives of our audiences.

Since 2022, together with partners and experts, experiencers and interested parties, we are building a trajectory. This for example through a carefully & multi-voiced jury, staff, partner & board. But also through the WijkJury, a jury composed of residents from the different neighborhoods in a city. The WijkJury consists of 10 to 12 open-minded city residents of various ages and cultural backgrounds who have had little or no previous contact with theater. Together they visit about 10 different performances a year in theaters in their city and at the end of the theater season choose their favorite: the choice of the Wijkjury.

These include “relaxed performances” where the environment and atmosphere are adapted to put the audience at ease, and there is a quiet room for those in need of peace and quiet. But also the possibility to walk in and out during a performance without leaving permanently. In addition, there is an open attitude to movement and sound. Surtitles and multilingual communication ensure that the performance can be followed by everyone. You can find this information on the performance pages in the right-hand column.

Venues are wheelchair accessible through the main and/or side entrance, and videos are available with clear directions (coming soon!). Specific icons and clear signage point the way to the various facilities. For people who would like guidance, Het TheaterFestival is happy to offer this service. For guidance please contact us via info@theaterfestival.be.

The festival also has an eye for people in poverty and therefore offers FestivAll. By making a solidarity donation, you contribute to a free ticket for people of limited means. Do you have limited resources yourself but would like to attend one of our performances? Contact us at info@theaterfestival.be and we are happy to find a solution together.

Het TheaterFestival strives to create an inclusive and accessible space where everyone is welcome and can enjoy the arts.