het Theater Festival

Volunteers wanted

Mon 19 Jun 2023

Would you like to play a crucial part in creating a vibrant festival atmosphere coming September? Become a volunteer at Het TheaterFestival 2023! Take a quick look at which position(s) best suits you and fill in the form.

Because no volunteers = no TheaterFestival šŸ™‚


Do you enjoy guiding people back to the right venues? Do you meticulously check admission tickets? Then you have come to the right place. For various festival locations in Brussels, we would like to enlist your help. These shifts are usually in the evening.

Do you feel completely at home when surrounded by pots and pans? Do you enjoy preparing lunches and dinners for a large group of people? Or do you enjoy helping clean up, washing up, preparing takeaway meals and more? Then sign up for our kitchen team.

Do you have your playlist ready when you do your laundry? Blast it through the boxes and help prepare and wash costumes for some of our performances.

Stacked your August with festivals, concerts, and other cultural plans? And are you in need of a good ice breaker to meet new people? Spread our flyer, tell people about our festival and make new friends in the process.



Het TheaterFestival provides a volunteer allowance and free tickets, depending on the nature and duration of your duties. Fill in your details and availability HERE and we will contact you soon!

P.s. mark down Monday 28 August at 19h in your calendar for a cosy meeting with the festival and volunteer team at KVS. Together we will kick off the festival with a snack and a drink!