het Theater Festival

“Disarming, yet anything but naive. Generous, though drawn from great self-awareness. Full, but nowhere lavish. Zeemaal taps into a new world.”



Laika & Sien Vanmaele


Can you save the world from the kitchen? Sien Vanmaele searches for solutions to curb her planetary anxiety. Her quest starts at the sea, the place where she comes from, from which all life springs. She takes you on a sensory journey along beaches and cliffs, reports on encounters with seaweed harvesters and salty farmers, and filters the plastic soup out of her city life. She makes you look, listen, smell, feel, taste, slice, mash and mix.

ZEEMAAL is an evening about hope, a connecting dinner where you will discover new ways of looking at our stormy reality.




Text and performance: Sien Vanmaele
Sensory concept: Peter De Bie & Sien Vanmaele
Music: Jason Dousselaere
Scenography: Studio Kuurjeus & Peter De Bie
Final drawing: Jo Roets
Costume: Manuela Lauwers
Dramaturgy: Mieke Versyp
Kitchen: Sara Sampelayo, Jean-Philippe Poncin & Annelotte Van Aarst
Light design: Thomas Stevens
Technology & production: Anton Van Haver, Rik Van Gysegem, Tom Van den Brande, Robin Angst, Dag Jennes & Pieter Smet
€40 / +65: €38 / -26: €36 / -18: €34
Inclusief buikvullende maaltijd
duration: 100 min.
language: Dutch