het Theater Festival

“Moustachioed poker face, absurd humour, flawless sense of timing. Anyone who has seen Maxim Storms perform knows that he is the Charlie Chaplin of his generation.”

De Standaard

Brother Blue

Maxim Storms

In this Dadaistic tragedy, theatre maker Maxim Storms describes an unreliable universe in which the protagonist loses his tail. No one knows how this could have happened. The protagonist suspects everything and everyone, including himself. In this solo, Maxim works on a permanently developing web of brutal chansons, Dada monologues, cosmic collages, fabulous choreographies and video fragments.

performance & creation Maxim Storms | coach Jan Steen | coproduction CAMPO | light design Maarten Van Trigt | with the support of DRIFT/Ruth Mariën | thanks to De Grote Post, KAAP & Linde Carrijn
€16 (standard) / €12 (-25/65+, professionals) / €8 (-19)
duration: 50 min.
language: Language No Problem