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Day of the Maker

Een initiatief van Het TheaterFestival, Circuscentrum, Dag van de Dans & detheatermaker


With the Day of the Maker, Circuscentrum, Dag van de Dans, detheatermaker and Het TheaterFestival support artists in their journey to professionalization by offering a day-long space for makers of different generations to collaborate and share expertise in the form of trying out work, pitching a concept, and the like. We invited Madonna Lenaert, Rachid Boulahrir & Dahlia Pessemiers-Benamar to curate this day of doing and thinking.

Within the performing arts, dance, theater and circus each have their own language and their own development. The stage is their home, but one with different rooms.

On this day we want to create the opportunity to work with each other, across disciplines. To sweat and think / think and sweat. To meet each other, to question, to try out together.  What can theater artists learn from circus artists and vice versa? How does the language of a dancer differ from that of an acrobat?

After organizing a day last year around ‘going solo’, we will this year focus on ‘accessibility in practice’. Inspired by the emergence of relaxed performance and trigger warnings or the hotly debated performance of Justina Miles (the sign language interpreter during Rihanna’s superbowl performance) among others, we will consider how accessibility finds its way into everyone’s artistic practice, or just not at all. What choices do you make as a creator to make your performance (more) accessible? How do they affect your creative process? Can you practice accessibility? What if you choose to make an inaccessible performance? 


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