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BREAKFASTCLUB is an intimate meeting with an artistic proposal and with each other. During a meeting at an unusual time and with a snack or drink as a binding factor, other ways of sharing, looking and experiencing become possible. Gouvernement’s concept combines artists’ presentation moments with a moderated conversation about the themes evoked by the works on display. In the context of Het TheaterFestival, we zoom in on the explicit and the sexual, including in response to Dries Verhoeven’s The NarcoSexuals on view at the festival.

We start from the short docu Old Stuff Never Dies (WIP) by Nicky Lapierre & Nour Beetch, in which, in a highly stylised setting, the two talk to a couple of eighty-somethings about their sexual escapades. From explicit images, we move to explicit language with a textual intervention by filmmaker and writer Jori(k) Amit Galama.

Those two interventions give way to a conversation around the various practices and experiences of the explicit, both from the perspective of the maker and the viewer. This public conversation is carefully moderated by creator, maker and author Simon Baetens.BREAKFASTCLUB is a project by Gouvernement supported by KAAP, VIERNULVIER, STUK, Campo, De Studio, Het TheaterFestival, Rekto:Verso, Universiteit Gent and De Vlaamse Gemeenschap.



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