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Shut Up and Play with Me

Het Zuidelijk Toneel


Playing, everyone can do it, but few people actually do it. Do we still recognize the potential for play? Is it a proof of maturity to suppress our need to play or because there is not a penny to be made from it? What if we take off the brakes and plunge into selfless play?

Two players enter the floor: Joep van der Geest and Louis van der Waal. They survey the playing field and get ready for the game. Passionately, they plunge into one game after another. They challenge each other and are competitive as hell. There will be laughing, dying and crying. The logic of the game is only intuitively imitable and a riddle you want to solve as an audience.

“We don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing.” – George Bernard Shaw.

Shut Up and Play with Me is an ode to the playing man, for anyone who has ever played, now or long ago. Inspired by Homo Ludens by cultural historian Johan Huizinga.




Directed by Sarah Moeremans
Dramaturgy: Joachim Robbrecht
Acting: Joep van der Geest & Louis van der Waal
Artistic advice: Piet Menu
Costumes: Daphne de Winkel
Technique: Jurre Smulders
Production: Rianne Valstar
€18 / +65: €16 / -26: €14 / -18: €10
duration: 70 min.