het Theater Festival

© Alex Daems


Suzanne Grotenhuis/De Nwe Tijd

The friendly gentleman at the desert information centre told me to remember three things:
1) Take enough water.
2) Do not accidentally step on a snake.
3) Do not get lost.
The latter was especially important.
If I got lost, no one, absolutely no one, would ever find me. I promised. I promised I would not get lost. And then I left.

‘ON ICE’ is a journey into the future and a reconstruction of the past. About the earth as seen from the moon, about skating in summer, about the 18,735 things a person possesses, including paper clips and souvenirs, and about walking through the desert. In short, about how you would sacrifice everything to get a grip on the here and now.

In 2012, actress Suzanne Grotenhuis surprised everyone with the original and heartwarming ‘Zwarte Woud Forever’. The performance was selected for the 2013 Theatre Festival and received the Roel Verniers Prize. With the prize money Suzanne bought the ice rink which forms the backdrop of ‘ON ICE’ and she is a guest at this year’s festival.

from and with Suzanne Grotenhuis | dramaturgy, production Selm Wenselaers | light design Sander Salden | affiche photo Alex Daems
€16 / €12 (-25/65+) / €8 (-19)
duration: 75 min.
language: Dutch spoken | no subtitles