het Theater Festival

MAPping Brussels

KVS, Mestizo Arts Platform, Pianofabriek Citylab & Théâtre de Galafronie

Artists chart their city. In MAPping, the Mestizo Arts Platform has created an alternative cartography of cities, starting from the way they are experienced and lived in by artists.
Artists from different artistic worlds within one city are assisted by a director from outside, who thus approaches the context from a different perspective.

The reflections that arise from this collaboration are incorporated into performances on location, a city map and an online city walking tour that focuses on the artistic experience.
After Antwerp and Mechelen, it’s now Brussels’ turn, in collaboration with the KVS. Junior Mthombeni, one of the KVS Faces, is the director of the Brussels edition.

by & with Isabel Burr Raty, Amira Daoudi, Didier De Neck, Roland Dumbi-Kabangu, Juniot Mthombeni, Gerardo Salinas, Omar Semati, Angela Tillieu Olodo, Benjamin Vandewalle, Pitcho Wonga Konga | Galafronie Didier De Neck Marianna Hansé, Ditte Van Brempt | Pianofabriek Citylab Harry Sacré, Samira Hmouda, Angela Tillieu Olodo | KVS Donald Berlanger, Laurence De Lafontaine, Heidi Ehrhart, Inge Floré, Lien Stas, Max Stuurman | technique Lieven Symaeys | production manager Nadia El Mahi | video Delphine Somers | audioguide editing Angela Tillieu Olodo, Max Stuurman | thanks to Raphaël Anton Irisarri, Céline Callens, Yousra Dahry, Dragan, Caroline Dujardin, Leila Duquaine, Noor Floré, Chaib Idrissi, Enrique Noviello, Dominique Page, Evangelos Rassos, Nino Man, Babette Vergauwen en Vanhout-Besix Red 'The Cosmopolitan', Begijnhofkerk Brussel, BNA-BBOT, Tropicana | production KVS & Mestizo Arts Platform | coproduction Pianofabriek Citylab & Théâtre de Galafronie
Unfortunately, this performance is not accessible to people who are not easily mobile, nor for wheelchair users.
duration: 4u