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Decoratelier & KVS

Unfortunately, this production cannot be reprised. Jozef Wouters and Jeroen Peeters are collaborating with the TheaterFestival to publish the script of the play with the De Nieuwe Toneelbibliotheek. The first edition will be presented during an official book presentation at the TheaterFestival.

For two whole years, in a small studio above the main auditorium at the KVS, Jozef Wouters has delved into the history of scenography. What does scenography mean today? What kinds of places or landscapes are relevant in this era? He established a temporary Decoratelier: a motley crew of builders, thinkers, former sailors, and a retired landscape painter. The group asked various artists what kind of scenery they would like to see depicted in the theatre today. Each conversation yielded an infini – traditionally, a painted backdrop that evokes a space inside the theatre, a horizon for the imagination. Infini 1-15 is a heterogeneous performance in which, for three full days, the entire collection of infinis has the theatre machine spinning at full speed and setting the viewing machine into motion.

Correspondents: Anna Rispoli, Arkadi Zaides, Begüm Erciyas, Benny Claessens, Chris Keulemans, Jisun Kim, Jozef Wouters, Michiel Soete, Michiel Vandevelde, Rebekka de Wit, Remah Jabr, Rodrigo Sobarzo, Sis Matthé, Thomas Bellinck en Wim Cuyvers
artistic direction Jozef Wouters | curator Dries Douibi | dramaturgy Jeroen Peeters | production management Celine van der Poel | assistance production Catherine Vervaecke | technical direction Menno Vandevelde | stage management Niels Antonissen | wood workshop Samuel Verdonck, Siemen Van Gaubergen, Tim Vanhentenryck | metal workshop Tomislav Ruzic | paper workshop Ine Craenhals, Lila John, Kwinten Wouters, Dareen Abbas | cloth workshop Pascal Windelinckx, Heidi Ehrhart, Nathanael Van Hoecke | painting Thierry Bosquet | digital image editing Stijn Maes | graphic design Ward Heirwegh | scale models Hanne Van Den Biesen, Maurane Colson | lighting Ken Hioco, Dimitri Stuyven | sound Sourour Schallewaty, Max Stuurman, Vic Grevendonck | video Marie Vandecasteele, Donald Berlanger, Vic Grevendonck | flybars Christophe Geens, Jimmy De Boelpaep | surtitling Inge Floré | administration Karolien Derwael, Sara Verhaert (Klein Verzet) | thanks to Nienke Scholts, Rose Werckx en iedereen van KVS | special thanks to Jan Goossens en Patrick De Coster for their support and trust | production Jozef Wouters & KVS
duration: 120 min.
language: ENG



Decoratelier in de Liverpoolstraat 24 te Molenbeek is gemakkelijk via het openbaar vervoer te bereiken (metrohalte Delacroix of tramhalte Hertogin Brabant)