het Theater Festival


Bjorn Floréal & Laurens Aneca


Porn is not just porn. It produces our desires. It controls the sexual reactions of viewers. Bjorn Floréal and Laurens Aneca look into the popular teen or twink porn that exists within digital spaces: a genre in which (adult) porn stars do their utmost to sell their viewers an underage experience. To what extent is a youthful body orgasmic capital?

In their search for points of reference, they came across Voltaire’s Candide: a satirical adventure novel in which the young Candide goes on a quest in the world and is subjected to horrific deeds at lightning speed. Importantly, Candide embodies total innocence and faces the world with an endearingly naive optimism. ‘For we do live in the best possible of all worlds.’




Concept & creation: Laurens Aneca & Bjorn Floréal
Performing: Bjorn Floréal & Tim Bogaerts
Scenography en dramaturgical advice: Chrys' Amaya Michailidis
Techniek and light design: Anne Meeussen
Photocredits: Olivier De Vos
Shout out for helping us to Bauke Lievens, Kristof Van Baarle, Lotte Vocking, Yasmine Abchaoui and Lieven Verkouille

With the support from CAMPO, Stad Gent, TAZ & Het TheaterFestival
€18 / +65: €16 / -26: €14 / -18: €10


+ VanThorhout
BASIS +65 -18
duration: 70 min.
language: English