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Roel Verniers Pitch & Prize 2023

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Curious about budding talent? Meet the next generation of talented creators.

Het TheaterFestival supports creators via the Roel Verniers Pitch & Prize. For this, we look for fresh concepts from upcoming and graduated performing artists from all corners of the field: theater, dance, slam, performance, text, …

In 2023, these plans will be read by a reading committee composed of Ruth Mariën (detheatermaker), Mulanga Nkolo (MestizoArtsPlatform), Prisca Agnes Nishimwe (artist), Yasmin Holail Mohamed (Amplo) & Nora Mahammed (Het TheaterFestival). They nominated 8 interesting concepts with their creators:

  • Menzo Kircz, Stefan Gota & Jeff Aendenboom

  • Emiliano Cedillo

  • Hazel lam

  • Jarne Van Loon & Freek De Craeker

  • Marthe Koning & Pincess Bangura

  • Marah Haj

  • Henry Evbuos

  • Lotte Boonstra

The nominees will present their concept during Het TheaterFestival for jury and audience on Tuesday, September 12 from 1pm. 

The winner of the Roel Verniers Prize 2023 will be announced in the evening at 7 pm. The winner will receive, among other things, a co-production sum of €10,000 and a place at Het TheaterFestival 2024 in Antwerp.

Everyone is welcome to attend the presentations and the award ceremony!


Roel Verniers was an author, columnist, theatre man, and ex-coordinator of Het TheaterFestival. He died of cancer on 22 September 2011 at the age of 37. An inspirational figure, he gave many the courage to realise their dreams. That is why Het TheaterFestival created the Roel Verniers Prize.




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