het Theater Festival

Meet The Arts Centres

We devote this morning session at Monty to Dutch and Flemish art centers and production houses who will present one house artist (with or without untapped international potential).


Beursschouwburg is a multidisciplinary arts centre, situated in the heart of Brussels. It’s the perfect place for theatrical productions, performances, films, concerts, exhibitions, debates, lectures, parties and a drink in the Beurskaffee. Beursschouwburg is recognised as a theatre which provides a platform for young and innovative artists, thus it’s a place to discover the famous names of tomorrow.


Arts Centre Buda Kortrijk (Belgium) is a workspace for artists, a presentation platform for performance arts and an art house. In Buda’s workspace, the artist’s desire to create takes a central place. Arts Centre Buda is one of the biggest and most internationally-oriented workspaces for performance arts in Belgium. More than 50,000 visitors per year attend one of the Buda activities.


The Ghent-based but internationally-oriented arts centre CAMPO could be seen as a toolbox for artists, a house that covers the whole spectrum of performing arts: research and development, production, touring and presentation. It responds to artistic proposals and artists and challenges them with specific assignments.


Kaaitheater is a Brussels arts centre in the midst of the world. With an emphatically international approach, it has been continually presenting a wide range of performing artists. In a world of curators and one-off hits, Kaaitheater offers artists a long-term commitment. In the conviction that art is important to man’s well-being, it makes a point of relating to society.


Monty is more than a venue: it has the most remarkable back wall of all Europe. Dixit Milo Rau. Monty is a small-scale arts organisation with high-level output in both quality and quantity. Their main objective has always been ‘to go against the grain’, whether in production of dance, film, video, theatre or live art. From 2017 onwards Monty will focus more, if not exclusively, on theatre.


Moussem Nomadic Arts Center questions the prevailing artistic canon and reflects on the consequences of globalisation caused by old an new migratory flows. Moussem’s international operations focus on artists who are either directly connected with the Arab world, or evidence an openness toward it. Moussem positions itself as an international crossroads in the Flemish art field. This is reflected in its many artistic collaborations.


Arts Centre NONA in Mechelen was founded in 2001. Nowadays, NONA produces and presents contemporary performing arts (theatre & dance), jazz (including the annual BRAND! festival) and organises CONTOUR, a biennale of moving image at special venues across Mechelen. NONA’s partners in crime are the internationally acclaimed theatre company Abattoir Fermé and Voetvolk, a dance/performance group founded by Lisbeth Gruwez and Maarten Van Cauwenberghe. NONA mainly supports young artists in a very profound way.

Theater Rotterdam

Productiehuis Rotterdam is the producing department of the Rotterdamse Schouwburg where a new generation of theatre makers gets the opportunity to develop a new personal theatrical language in a professional environment. It gives them room to grow, supports them on artistic, financial, promotion and production levels and introduces them to fellow thinkers, audiences and networks both nationally and internationally. Productiehuis Rotterdam is led by Tanja Elstgeest and Dave Schwab.


De Toneelschuur is the leading and specialist stage for contemporary productions of theatre, film and its own productions in Haarlem. It is a successful symbiosis of own productions, cinema and theatre, boasting national appeal. De Toneelschuur is a theatre that is more than a residence, it is a building where there’s always something happening, a hospitable place where the public and the performers feel at home and simply love to be.


Kunstencentrum Vooruit, a vibrant arts centre in the heart of the city of Ghent, welcomes approximately 350,000 visitors annually. Vooruit is developing a multidisciplinary vision (Performing Arts/Music/Books/City & Transition). Over the past few years, under the name ‘urban residencies’, Vooruit has assisted artists who consider the public space their workplace.

Vrijstaat De Werf

Vrijstaat De Werf is the temporary name for the fusion of the arts centres Vrijstaat O. in Ostend and De Werf in Bruges. This new organisation will start its activities as from  1 January 2017. As a big arts centre, Vrijstaat De Werf would like to become the reference in jazz, performing arts, visual arts and literature both nationally and internationally. It will dedicate itself to the development, research, production and presentation of the work – in relation to the proper context – of artists, and stimulate the interaction between artists.