het Theater Festival


An open forum for contemporary and international arts 

deSingel is an arts campus with large-scale infrastructure and a multidisciplinary programme: music, dance, theatre and architecture. At the same time it provides a home for the contemporary, critical and boundary-breaking canon and a breeding ground for artistic creation, and for new trends and insights. Its work has been developed under three headings: presentation, contextualisation and production. Its audiences benefit from the best possible provision of information and services. deSingel helps artists and students to create by offering them support for their production processes and by organising master-classes, workshops and talks. The Flemish Community has selected deSingel as the unique venue that generates, stimulates and presents a large-scale, challenging and international arts programme for the largest possible audience.

Multifunctional infrastructure  

deSingel’s large-scale infrastructure consists of a medium-sized concert hall (966 seats), a large hall for theatre and dance (803 seats), an exhibition space, a music studio (150 seats) and a theatre studio (270 seats). It provides ongoing in-depth information on its programme not only in its reading room, but also through introductory talks, lectures, programme booklets, the website and other channels.

Unique architecture

The architectural appeal of deSingel makes the building an attraction in itself. The original design was by Léon Stynen (1899-1990). Stéphane Beel (1955) was responsible for several smaller additions over the last few decades, as well as the 12,000 m2 extension.