het Theater Festival

“Voorjaarsontwaken reflects the fragmented worldview of the young actors on stage (and the audience), yet manages to capture it in one big suspenseful arc. As a jury, we see a much potential in this collective.”





Voorjaarsontwaken” is set in the twilight zone between child and adult, outside school hours, at rehearsals. During the rehearsals of a school play, fiction and reality intertwine and a group of young people rehearse for life. They discover the world, each other, themselves and the associated urges and perils, while their bodies outgrow them and their heads can’t keep up. Boundaries are drawn as quickly as they are made undone. What feels confusing hurts as much as it soothes. Especially when choices about your own body are determined by others. Especially when most things aren’t negotiable. Especially when you are not good at feeling better. Especially when everything can still change. And especially when it’s all just theatre.




By and with Imke Mol, Mitch Van Landeghem, Flor Van Severen, Naomi van der Horst, Gilles Pollak, Soraya van Welsenis, Matthias Van de brul, Gilles Vandecaveye-Pinoy and Valentina Tóth or Lieselot Siddiki
To 'Frühlings Erwachen' by Frank Wedekind
Music: Gilles Vandecaveye-Pinoy and Valentina Tóth
Design: Gilles Pollak and Shervin Sheikh Rezaei
Mixing: Cesar De Sutter-Pinoy
Costume: Lieselot Siddiki
Production: Eva Bracke
Stage coach: Esther de Koning
Stage direction: Renée Goethijn
With thanks to De Figuranten, VIERNULVIER, Compagnie Cecilia, Theater Zuidpool, En Avant Festival, De Grote Post, Sabam, Gemeenschapscentrum De Linde, Carine van Bruggen, Henk Vandecaveye, Victor Hidalgo and Max Grymonprez
With the support of the Flemish Government
€22 / +65: €20 / -26: €18 / -18: €14
duration: 105 min.
language: Dutch