het Theater Festival



The Hamilton Complex

HETPALEIS & Sontag / Lies Pauwels

13 girls aged 13 and 1 bodybuilder

The Hamilton Complex is a physical, visual and philosophical performance about those moments in life when things start to tip over. Does a tipping point also define your identity?
13 girls aged 13 shamelessly quote, copy and mix up the past and present. They sweep away any kind of security from under your feet. Nothing is what it seems. A bodybuilder looks on, comforts, soothes and creates order.

Following its opening performance in August 2015 , the audience showered Hamilton Complex with superlatives. It recently received the HETPALEIS audience prize and has been nominated for a Silver Cricket for the most impressive youth production in the Netherlands.

concept and direction Lies Pauwels | play Anne Coopman, Luna De Boos, Bruce Eelen, Zita Fransen, Lies Genné, Robine Goedheid, Liesbeth Houtain, Julia Krekels, Aline Moponami, Ans Schoepen, Emma Van Broeckhoven, Mona Van Den Bossche, Lisa Van Den Houte, Stefan Gota | design Chloe Lamford | costume Johanna Trudzinski | choreography Lisi Estaras | light Barbara De Wit | dramaturgy Hanneke Reiziger
€16 / €12 (-25/65+) / €8 (-19)
duration: 100 min.
language: Dutch spoken | English subtitles