het Theater Festival

Risjaar Drei

Olympique Dramatique / Toneelhuis

Risjaar (Richard) is repulsive. He was born premature, unfinished. He is deformed, limps and is hideously ugly. During the Wars of the Roses, which suddenly broke out after the death of Henry V, Risjaar fought with all his might for his family, alongside his brother Edwaar (Edward). Edwaar is now the king, as a result of several brutal political assassinations devised by his crippled brother. However, the end of the war does not bring Risjaar the peace he has desired for so long.

In his play Richard III, Shakespeare created one of the most memorable monsters in literature. What makes him so attractive is his free and unashamedly cheerful display of amorality. Brazenly inhuman opinions have never sounded so sweet.

Olympique Dramatique was set up in 1999 by Tom Dewispelaere, Ben Segers, Stijn Van Opstal and Geert Van Rampelberg as an actors’ collective that wanted to do its own thing, independently of a director. The collective has been a permanent Toneelhuis theatre-maker since 2006.

ATTENTION: For visitors who would like to see the French subtitles, please take place at the back of the venue.

text, director Tom Dewispelaere | biography Stijn Van Opstal | with Marc Van Eeghem, Jan Decleir, Mieke De Groote, Koen De Sutter, Nico Sturm, Sanne Samina Hanssen, Jonas Vermeulen, Peter Van den Begin | dramaturgy Ellen Stynen | light, scenography Stef Stessel | costume Ilse Vandenbussche | sound design Yves de Mey | production Toneelhuis
€22 (normal) / €18 (-25/65+) / €10 (-19)
duration: 150 min. without break
language: Dutch spoken | surtit. FR