het Theater Festival

“Bruno Vanden Broecke is the monologue king. This is more than just a theatre performance. It is an event of national importance: an exercise in remembering and empathy.”

De Standaard


David Van Reybrouck, Raven Ruëll & Bruno Vanden Broecke / KVS

Following the runaway success of Missie eight years ago, writer David Van Reybrouck, actor/theatre maker Bruno Vanden Broecke and director Raven Ruëll are again joining forces. In the new monologue Para, Van Reybrouck allows the soldier to speak. For this, he delves into a forgotten piece of recent history, the large-scale Belgian military intervention in Somalia in 1992-93. For this, Van Reybrouck spent two years ploughing through archives and publications, and interviewed para-commandos who took part in this mission, both officers and regular soldiers.

Para neither condemns nor praises, but explores the complex tragedy of ‘international peacekeeping operations’. A tale of idealism and powerlessness, of noble aims and disgusting practices. A gem chosen from the jury selection of the National Dutch Theatre Festival 2018.

direction Raven Ruëll | performance Bruno Vanden Broecke | text David Van Reybrouck | scenography Leo De Nijs | decor KVS atelier | light design Johan Vonk | light Geert Drobé | sound Dimitri Joly | costumes Heidi Ehrhart | coordination production Lieven Symaeys | production KVS | thanks to Jacques Bloemen & Adriaan Van den Hoof
€22 (standard) / €18 (-25/65+, professionals) / €8 (-19)
duration: 90 min.
language: Dutch spoken