het Theater Festival

“In this enchanting solo Lisa Verbelen sings a polyphonic, wordless score about the origin of the world and life. She makes a convincing attempt to arrange and categorize the world around us, this time in a form that, notwithstanding the schematic translation, addresses our feelings.”

Jury BNG Bank Nieuwe Theatermakersprijs 2016


BOG./Lisa Verbelen

ONE. is a choir piece for four voices, sang by one woman. The score is seventy-five meters long. ONE. is about movement and, because it is a solo, about loneliness. It is an attempt to understand these concepts. An attempt to understand that everything is moving, always and how to be part of all this. ONE. is part of the international visitors’programma Highlights from the Lowands.

concept/composition/performance Lisa Verbelen | final director Judith de Joode | dramaturgy Roos Euwe production and manager Anne Baltus | stage design and building Jaap Bontekoe, Merijn Versnel | technicians Emiel Rietvelt, Lucas Kramer, Floris Vermist | supported by d e t h e a t e r m a k e r, De Brakke Grond & De Buren
€16 (standard) / €12 (-25/65+, professionals) / €8 (-19)
duration: 60 min.