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“Mia Kermis shows how the magic of theatre lies in its double consciousness: what's more beautiful than looking at the machinery behind a fantasy world and then stepping into it altogether.”


“There is an enormous imagination behind this performance, making words superfluous. Claes only has to bend the iron wires of Mia's arms to her ears to make it clear that it's getting too much for Mia. This is a piece for those looking for their roots, but just as much for anyone who feels alone at times.”

Het Nieuwsblad

Mia Fair

Stefanie Claes / Lucinda Ra & Vooruit i.s.m. De Studio

Near Stefanie Claes’ house there is a ‘baby box’: a closed space where mothers can leave their newborn babies as a foundling. This place fascinates Stefanie immensely and she tries to understand it. The image of a newborn child that was cut loose from its roots is the start for an important story for Stefanie. Throughout her research, she visited old city archives and in it, she found the sentence ‘a foundling has strictly no past’. But isn’t everyone coming from somewhere? What is the meaning of our past for ourselves and for our future? The civil servants of the city gave names to foundlings inspired by the circumstances in which the children were found. From Marie Orgy and Engelbertus Thirsty to Maria Iceroll and Anne Theresia Fair. ‘Mia Fair’ is a salute to all foundlings who have ever lived, honoring the imagination and curiosity about our origins.

With an army of homemade dolls and drawings, Stefanie shares the visual wordless story of Mia Fair, a child that has to look for her own beginning if she wants to grow up. The result is an intimate miniature theatre for adults, suitable for children aged 10 and more.

concept, design & performance Stefanie Claes | feedback & dramaturgy Simon Allemeersch, Barbara Claes & Sofie Van der Linden | scenography advice Iwan Van Vlierberghe | poster design Sarah Yu Zeebroek | production Lucinda Ra & Vooruit | in collaboration with De Studio | with support of KAAP | thanks to Het Bos, CC Het Gasthuis Aarschot, Het Oude Badhuis & WALPURGIS/deFENIKS | distribution Vincent Company
Gouden Zaal
€18 (basic price) / €16 (65+) / €14 (-26/pro) / €10 (-18) / €5 (-12)
duration: 80 min.
language: Language No Problem | 10+

Lucinda Ra
Kunstencentrum Vooruit
De Studio

Lucinda Ra is the collective of theater makers Simon Allemeersch, Barbara Claes and Stefanie Claes, musicians Giovanni Barcella and Jeroen Van Herzeele, business leader Brigitte Mys, visual artist Sofie Van der Linden and designer Mario Debaene. Loose-fixed, they call their collective, because their projects start from a concrete reason for a new story. And that timing is different for everyone.

All performances by Lucinda Ra arise in the world outside the theater and from something that touches them. They are looking for a way to deal with the harsh reality that characterizes today’s society. They often take several years to delve into the topics. Through meetings, events and interviews, they collect material for their story, each from their own discipline. The result is a chilling experience.