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De Meest Zwaarmoedige Voorstelling Ooit (waarvan het hele publiek moet huilen)

Theater Artemis/De Warme Winkel

‘Good souls,
take comfort from our suffering
and make this performance your friend,
if through life or your own fault
you find none that is closer to you.’

We live in a world where we do not say we are feeling melancholy; we prefer to keep things cheerful. But how nice it is to wallow in the sense of your own suffering? Vincent, Anneke, Jeroen and Mara invite you to attend the most melancholy performance ever. They transform the theatre into a chapel of howling, a temple of weeping, a cathedral of tears. Together with 35 British boys, Jeroen softly sings Born To Die, Mara improvises a ritual Gothic dance, Vincent appears sighing with a dead swan in his arms, while Anneke plays the little matchstick girl in the loneliest possible way.

Everything possible is done to achieve the ultimate form of melancholy and sadness. It is a visual representation of the romance, the beauty, the lightness and the pleasure of being melancholy. An accumulation of attempts to jointly achieve a climax in a minor key.

concept and play Vincent Brons, Jeroen de Man, Florian Myjer (stage), Anneke Sluiters, Mara van Vlijmen | direction Jetse Batelaan | dramaturgy (stage) Matu Mol | production manager Carry Hendriks | production Anne-Marie Geldhof | technical director HP Hulscher
€16 / €12 (-25/65+) / €8 (-19)
duration: 75 min.
language: Dutch spoken | no subtitles