het Theater Festival

Malcolm X

Junior Mthombeni, Fikry El Azzouzi & Cesar Janssens / KVS

The Afro-American activist Malcolm X has always remained a source of inspiration and controversy. In his powerful statements, and with an undeniable charisma, he demanded equal rights and stood up for his Islamic beliefs.

Who would Malcolm X be if he lived in the 21st century? And what would he have fought for today? Theatre director Junior Mthombeni, author Fikry El Azzouzi, and composer Cesar Janssens created their new production Malcolm X as a response to these questions. The result is not a biographical portrait, but a funky theatre concert in which Malcolm’s ideas and events in his life are transformed into street dance, hip hop, slam poetry, and virtuoso jazz solos. With a multicultural mix of more than twenty performers, this multilingual and versatile production translates the relevance of Malcolm’s heritage to the city today.

Junior Mthombeni and Fikry El Azzouzi collaborated previously in the company SINcollectief. They both became resident artists at KVS when the new artistic director Michael De Cock was appointed, where they were commissioned to create a production about Malcolm X. César Janssens is an autodidact multi-instrumentalist and composer. He was for a long time Raymond van het Groenewoud’s drummer and he has surprised the theatre world with his very unusual compositions and soundscapes.

text Fikry El Azzouzi | director Junior Mthombeni | music Cesar Janssens | by, with Pitcho Womba Konga, Said Boumazoughe, Jessica Fanhan, Rasif El Kaoui, Sabri Saad El Hamus, Sukina Abdul Noor, Muneera Rashida, Junior Mthombeni, Cesar Janssens, Steven Van Gool, Pieter van Bogaert, Frank Vaganée, Nico Schepers, Arne Demets, Babs Jobo, Karim Kalonji, Doris Bokongo Nkumu, Nathalie Bokongo Nkumu, Junior Akwety, Hassan Boufous, Onika Meugens-Henderson | dramaturgy Kristin Rogghe, Tunde Adefioye | director assistant, subtitles Inge Floré | sound design Steven Lorie, Patrick Van Neck | light design Dimitri Stuyven | costumes Heidi Ehrhart | translated by Trevor Perri, Anne Vanderschueren, Martine Wezenbeek, Isabelle Grynberg, Michaël Meert | video Omar Harrak Semati, Monir Ait Hammou, Hicham El Ghazi, Roland Dumbi-Kabangu (Laborartory) | choreography Karim Kalonji | stage director Jean Schols | production coordinator Nadia El Mahi | production KVS together Mestizo Arts Festival
category 1: €20 / €17 / €9
category 2: €17 / €13 / €9

Please note! Ticket sales for Malcolm X is via the box office of KVS:
Arduinkaai 7, 7000 Bruxelles | +32 2 210 11 00 | www.kvs.be
duration: 135 min.
language: Dutch, French, English, Arabic spoken | surtit. Dutch, French, English