het Theater Festival

© Christine Van Conkelberge

Lone Wolves (work in progress)

Transfo Collect

Transfo Collect investigates in Lone Wolves the way theatre can enter the stage and the streets to bring forward the doubts of the city. Batman, Gilgamesh, The Hulk and Wonder Woman introduce themselves to strangers: ‘Goodmorning. We are superheroes. What can we do for you?’

Transfo Collect screams, kicks, crawls, dances and writes in the language in which the creator wants to be understood. Each participant of the collective tells his story with his talent and is being lured into the experiment. The friction provides heat and the spark for the light. The lessons we learn we have ourselves to thank for.

Of and by Adnane, Beyza, Edoardo, Giovanni, Bilal, Stefan, Nawal, Beste, Liesbeth, Alice, Farbod, Hassib, Hamid, Roel, Louay, Ahlaam, Samy, Bilan, Abdulaye, Chiraz, Ahmed, Serdi, Haider, Aurélie, Georgina, Bart, Sofie, Geert, Jeff, and others.

In collaboration with Ritcs and De Kriekelaar | with the support of VGC and de Vlaamse Gemeenschap