het Theater Festival

“Simply by combining the two-dimensional clichés ‘decolonisation’ and ‘Lumumba’, the performance creates a three-dimensional picture that shows links between the then & there and the here & now, culminating in the pivotal moment: Lumumba’s memorable independence speech.”



Pitcho Womba Konga

Three very different men want to make a speech together. For them, perfect communication draws upon three elements: text, sound and movement. The men complement one another: each is talented in one of these three elements.
Pitcho Womba Konga’s starting point was the speech made by Patrice Lumumba when Congo declared independence, a speech that is still topical today. Because isn’t it true that behind a country’s independence lies the emancipation of an entire people, and that behind the emancipation of a people lies the independence of each individual person? How do we reconcile the present and the past while the process of decolonisation is still under way?

Kuzikiliza – “to make yourself heard” in Swahili – is a multilingual, interdisciplinary performance that causes communication and its mechanisms to falter.

concept, creation & performance Pitcho Womba Konga | co-creation & co-performance Karim Kalonji & Joost Maaskant | direction Mike Van Alfen | scenography & light Stef Depover | figuration Majda Achab, Naima Aissati, Fatima Ouriaghli & Cecilia ntelo-wa-leko | technic Isabelle Simon, Jasper Vanhalle & Dieter Lambrechts | production Skinfama, KVS & ARSENAAL/LAZARUS | in cooperation with Kultuurfaktorij Monty, De School van Gaasbeek, Pianofabriek/Citylab & Mestizo Arts Festival | with the support from VGC Brussel & Provincie Antwerpen
€16 (standard) / €12 (-25/65+, professional) / €8 (-19)
duration: 60 min.
language: NL & FR