het Theater Festival


fABULEUS & Ballet Dommage

Come and see! And start practicing the most unpronounceable title of the year! Klutserkrakkekilililokatastrof is a crazy mixture of a gypsy story, a mafia epic, Tom & Jerry, a Spanish-Italian telenovella and the Eurovision song contest. A performance that breathes nostalgia from nomadic theatre. The performance has already started. Doesn’t matter how early you show up, you are always too late.

Katrien Valckenaers and Maxim Storms both studied drama at KASK in Gent. They found each other in the love for fysical theatre and their sense of humor. Together they founded the collective Ballet Dommage. Together with scenographer / performer Rachid Laachir and costume designer Maartje Van Bourgognie they take you on the sensational adventure of duo Klut en Lilo.

concept, performance Katrien Valckenaers, Maxim Storms | scenography, performance Rachid Laachir | costumes Maartje Van Bourgognie | assistance costumes Isa Janssens | direction Filip Bilsen | music Gerrit Valckenaers | lights, technique Bregt Janssens, Tom Philips, Pol Verwilt | production Kathleen Vogelaers | cocreation fABULEUS, Ballet Dommage | thanks to CAMPO and Vooruit
€14 (normal) / €12 (-25/65+) / €10 (-19)
duration: 75 min.
language: Dutch spoken