het Theater Festival

“ARIAH LESTER proves to have a versatile, intelligent personality; he sows confusion, makes you think and touches you.”

Jury report, Sabam Young Theatre Writing Prize (TAZ 2017)



ARIAH LESTER is a charismatic performer who fully interweaves concert and performance. With his engaging gaze and clear voice, he pilots you into his world. In his world, reality and imagination are not fixed concepts. One reality changes almost imperceptibly into another. The voice of LESTER, which is supported by the mysterious music of Niklas Blomberg, is in a constant state of flux. It moves from nasal and lilting to softly spoken, like the narrator of an old-fashioned story. A story that suddenly turns out to be about you.

text, choreography & concept ARIAH LESTER | music ARIAH LESTER & Niklas Blomberg
€16 (standard) / €12 (-25/65+, professionals) / €8 (-19)
€ 5 (This is Antwerp Fam - reservation via info@theaterfestival.be)
duration: 60 min.
language: ENG spoken