het Theater Festival




Where contact and loneliness coincide. From her call centre high up in the air, Karen Vandeputte overlooks the city. Here she runs Caren’s Company, a helpdesk that provides virtually every available service and product. An interview with ‘Caren’ is more than just a conversation; it is an experience. Whereas a few million years ago we crawled from the water onto the mainland, now Karen slowly and irrevocably crawls into virtual space. For all her various customers she has to master different specializations. And as she constantly adopts new identities, she becomes increasingly detached from her old self. Helpdesk is an intimate performance in a spectacular location in the city, where the audience gradually lets go of its voyeuristic role and becomes a part of Karen’s fragmented reality.

Helpdesk is a part of The New Forest, a platform for social change. The New Forest portrays transition and takes a look at a future society. The New Forest is a growing partnership between Wunderbaum and various partners, volunteers and spectators. The New Forest consists of theatre performances, seminars, a film project, context programmes and online content. The New Forest is more real than life.

play Wine Dierickx en Rosa Reuten | direction Matijs Jansen | sounddesign Richard Janssen | design Maarten van Otterdijk | production Linda Visser | technicians Rick Gobée, Bart de Lange | thanks to Siemen van der Werf | producer Wunderbaum | coproducer Rotterdamse Schouwburg |
€16 / €12 (-25/65+) / €8 (-19)
duration: 80 min.
language: Dutch spoken | no subtitles