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De Meisje

Jaouad Alloul & MartHa!tentatief

As a kid Jaouad Alloul wanted to be a girl: he played with his sisters’ dolls and fell in love with boys. Every night he prayed to be cured. But every morning, nothing had changed.

At 20 years old he closed the door of his childhood behind him and stepped into a new world, away from home, away from God, and on a journey of discovery to find himself.

De Meisje is an intense and touching monologue about self-acceptance, family, love and forgiveness.

performer Jaouad Alloul | text Jaouad Alloul & Johan Petit | light & sound Tim Clement | costume Tine Deseure | production Jaouad Alloul (Be Human vzw) & MartHa!tentatief | coproduction Perpodium | with the support of the Belgian federal government’s tax shelter
€20 (basic price) / €15 (65+/-26/-18/pro)
duration: 65 min.
language: Spoken in NL / surtitled in FR

Jaouad Alloul

Jaouad Alloul is a theater maker, singer and multidisciplinary performer. This self-made creative entrepreneur likes to always get himself out of his comfort zone. He likes to play with the theme of gender and he does not shy away from controversial themes. His activism comes to the fore when he builds bridges between the different identities he is rich in.

MartHa!tentatief is a small but highly dynamic theater company that has worked around urban themes for years, with accessible and often festive performances as the end result. The creators of the company try to show the time and the world in which they live as openly as possible in their performances. The company relies on in-depth research that culminates in original texts.