het Theater Festival

“Verbeke wrote a text in which every preconception and politically correct cliché is somehow incorporated; it is an inextricable tangle of racism, sexism and class difference. The great thing is that the three actors consistently perform this exhausting confrontation with great verve, with few rests and increasingly hysterical unravelling.”


Daar gaan we weer (White Male Privilege)


Daar gaan we weer (‘Here we go again’) is a performance about the privileged position of white people and their lack of awareness of this. Three highly educated, white Western Europeans approaching forty react to a mirror held up to them in which a grubby past and a complex present are reflected. A mirror that they are finding it increasingly hard to ignore. From their modern office, three colleagues try to define their role in the racism debate. Along the way, they descend further and further into a moral swamp, in which tiredness and oversensitivity are never far away. Wunderbaum created this performance in collaboration with Annelies Verbeke, who wrote the haunting text.

A highly topical hit from the jury selection of the National Dutch Theatre Festival 2018.

from and with Wine Dierickx, Matijs Jansen & Maartje/Janneke Remmers | text Annelies Verbeke | decor and light design Maarten van Otterdijk | coaching Jan Bijvoet & Marien Jongewaard | voices Abdelkarim el Baz, Daniel Frankl & Betty Schuurman | costumes Vita Mees, Erik Bosman & Karin van der Leeuw | technical coordination Siemen van der Werf | technical Rinke Bartelink | producent Wunderbaum | coproducent Theater Rotterdam | with the support of Stichting DOEN, Fonds 21, Lirafonds & Elise Mathilde Fonds | subsidized by Fonds Podiumkunsten & Gemeente Rotterdam (dienst Kunst en Cultuur)
€18 (standard) / €15 (-25/65+, professionals) / €8 (-19)
duration: 120 min.
language: Dutch spoken