het Theater Festival


Abattoir Fermé

On the doorstep of an outdated motel two drunks and the delivery girl of a Chinese restaurant meet. With a stash of booze and a typewriter they search for the meaning and nonsense of life. They try to mould the story of their life while drinking, bragging and stumbling. Because only stories can form the meaning of life.

BUKO refers to Charles Bukowski (1920-1994), a notorious American poet, writer and alcoholic who lived and worked in Los Angeles. His semi-autobiographical work portrays gamblers, alcoholics and thugs of the rough suburbs of L.A, in a raw and direct style full of witty dialogues.

The company Abattoir Fermé of Mechelen likes to tell stories that occur when the door is shut and the curtains are closed. Their language is visual, with a cinematic touch and a lot of theatrical fantasy. Dominique Van Malder performed with Studio ORKA. Tom Vermeir performed with Cie Cecilia, hetKIP and hetpaleis. He also performed in the movie Belgica by Felix van Groeningen. The South-Korean dancer and performer Sung-Im has danced with Jan Fabre, Les Ballets C. de la B., Needcompany and Abattoir Fermé. This play is directed by Stef Lernous.

performed by Sung-Im Her, Dominique Van Malder, Tom Vermeir | text, direction Stef Lernous | design decor and lighting Stef Lernous, Sven Van Kuijk | technical director Sven Van Kuijk | technical staff Sven Van Kuijk, Thomas Vermaercke, n.t.b. | production Abattoir Fermé coproduction with C-Mine Cultuurcentrum, NONA, Arenberg
€18 (normal) / €14 (-25/65+) / €10 (-19)
duration: 120 min. no intermission
language: Dutch spoken