het Theater Festival

Another one – EXTRA

Maxim Storms & Lobke Leirens

What’s going on in Poughkeepsie?

An aging couple face survival in a Siberian climate. They have each other’s back and survive time together. At the same time, they like nothing better than to make one another’s lives miserable. This is how Another one becomes a sequence of tolerating and being tolerated, of not being able to live with or without one another.

Lobke Leirens and Maxim Storms both graduated from the School of Arts / KASK Ghent. After Krocht, Another one is their second collaboration. In her own work, Lobke Leirens combines horror and poetry, and attempts to depict evil in a more nuanced way. Furthermore, she is a regular performer in the multidisciplinary company Kuiperskaai. Maxim Storms founded Ballet Dommage with Katrien Valckenaers. Their production Klutserkrakkekilililokatastrof is part of the jury selection of the TheaterFestival 2017.



performance, creation Maxim Storms, Lobke Leirens | coach Freek Mariën | duif Diede Roosens, Karmine De Swerts | co-production Vooruit, Arenbergschouwburg | financial advice Makersplatform Drift | supported by Stad Gent | thanks to De Koer
€14 (normal) / €12 (-25/65+) / €10 (-19)
duration: 60 min.
language: Language no problem