het Theater Festival

A reason to talk

Sachli Gholamalizad/kunstZ

Sachli Gholamalizad (°1982) is a Belgian actress and theatre maker
 of Iranian origin. She studied drama at the ritcs in Brussels. She followed method acting with Jack Waltzer (a lifelong member of the Actors Studio) for a year in Paris. She could be seen on television in, for example, Witse, Aspe, Ella and will soon play the lead in the new vtm fiction series about the Antwerp cell of the State Security. She has also acted in films (De Helaasheid Der Dingen (The Misfortune of Things)), theatre productions (by, for example, Theater Zuidpool, Moussem, Union Suspecte and Mokhallad Rasem) and video clips (Dez Mona, Amaryllis and dEUS).

In A reason to talk, she searches for an explanation for the difficult relationship with her mother.She delves into her family past and confronts both her mother and her grandmother. Is this difficult relationship inherent to growing up in two different cultures, or is it inherent to a mother-daughter dynamic?

Sachli edits film images she shot herself (in Iran and Belgium), diary passages, memories, novels and soundscapes into a very intimate performance. The many layers and contradictions in the lives of these three women are brought to life on stage through the use of various media.

concept & cast Sachli Gholamalizad | design & technique Steven Brys | coaching Greet Vissers | soundscape Andrew Claes | production team Mulanga Nkolo, Sanne De Ridder (stage), Gloria Ribeiro (stage) | thanks to Shokat Armon, Bart Baele, Julie De Clercq, Zeynab Hamedani Mojarad, Ehsan Hemmat, Senjan Jansen, Bart Van Nuys | production kunstz & KVS | with the support of De Vlaamse Overheid & Stad Antwerpen
€16 / €12 (-25/65+) / €8 (-19)
duration: 75 min.
language: EN spoken | no subtitles