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Lore Missinne

Lore Missinne is a programmer at cultural centre Bruges. There, she coordinates school and family shows and some participatory projects.

I’m on the jury because….

I love theatre in all its forms and colours. I like to make others enthusiastic about it too. And that starts with young viewers. I therefore find it nice and important to bring my expertise in youth theatre to the jury discussions. These conversations are a second important argument. They sharpen your viewing frame and challenge your outlook.

For me, an important performance is….

A performance that comes in strongly (sometimes not immediately) and that sticks. This can happen in many ways, because performing arts can do so much. It can comfort you, move you, make you laugh, open your eyes, make you understand someone else’s point of view or change your own,… It makes you reflect. Theatre brings you closer to yourself, but also closer to the people and the world around you.