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Gable Roelofsen


Gable Roelofsen is an actor, singer, director, writer of Dutch-Indian descent. He is co-artistic director of music theatre platform Het Geluid Maastricht. The platform moves between the extremes of local social artistic and international contemporary music theatre. Gable holds ancillary positions including member of (board of) directors of Concertgebouw Brugge, member of the editorial board of Theaterkrant and he is chairman of The Need For Legacy: a community/table of bi-cultural makers who together seek to make performing arts memory more inclusive.

I’m on the jury because…

As someone who was educated in both the Netherlands and Belgium, it’s great to be able to spend a year following the best of both performing arts cultures. We speak the same language but we are also just finely different from each other in many ways. Yet our performing arts communities are very much related. And we share a world in which shifts and transitions are taking place on major themes. It is great to try to show and interpret this with a wonderful group of colleagues.

An important performance for me is….

My all-time Flemish theatre hero is and remains dramaturge Marianne van Kerkhoven who believed that the performing artist is the seismograph of his time. We live in a time when quality can have more and more faces. Sometimes a performance is very linguistic and celebral. Sometimes a performance is corporeal and a visceral experience. I am going to try to escape my own dogmas as a jury member. And I look forward to, hopefully with good reason certainly, hoisting the shield on unexpected makers.