het Theater Festival

Audrey Leboutte

Audrey Leboutte is in charge of artistic coordination at Zinnema, a creation house dedicated to talents from Brussels and the periphery. She is also a founding member of MangooPickle, a collective where she started her career as an artistic programmer and producer, questioning the concepts and power dynamics between artistic spaces and public spaces.  

I’m on the jury because….  

I am on the jury because I like to share and exchange creations with others that I think challenge certain frames of reference. The disciplines close to my heart are dance, circus and participatory works. These are disciplines where words are often absent but where energy is central.   

For me, an interesting performance is…  

To me, an interesting performance is a creation that makes us vulnerable and stronger at the same time. A piece that surprises us by its precision as well as by its ability to open different avenues of reflection. The pinnacle, in my opinion, is when a performance manages to create a bond with the audience.