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WISPER is organizing a three-day course for everyone who wants to experience the festival just a little more intensely than the average spectator.

Because why stop after the curtain falls? That’s when it gets really interesting. During this course we will watch performances at the festival, after which we will have a conversation with one of the makers or the actors. We will ask them about their work. What was it like to make or play this performance? Where did you get your inspiration? How was the rehearsal process? What limits did you encounter while creating the piece?

During the day, we actively and reflectively work around what we saw and heard the night before. We take a close look at the performance and uncover the layers that show exactly how such a performance is put together and came about. From there we will also play and experiment ourselves.



Fr. 8/9: The NarcoSexuals – Dries Verhoeven

Sa. 9/9: Grandpa Puss; or how God disappeared – Lisaboa Houbrechts

Su. 10/9: Een leuk avondje uit – Jetse Batelaan


We will not re-make the play we saw, but we will apply its principles and techniques in playful assignments or thinking exercises. And we will see what it does to us as creators or players to act or realize in a similar way. In the afternoon and evening, we eat at the festival center. 

An eye-opener for anyone who thought theater begins and ends with the opening and closing of the curtain!


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