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Melting Pot workshop

Marco Toricce


During the two day workshop we aim to enrich the vocabulary surrounding movement and to stimulate patterns of movement that participants might not be familiar with. The class is based on the ‘Melting Pot’ dance practice, an immersive and hybrid device which combines different approaches to performance – discover more here: http://www.marcotorrice.com/Melting-Pot.

In order to focus on the pedagogical aspect of the work, several technical elements of this dance practice will be featured in the class. We zoom in on the following aspects: 

  •  The dialogue between the floor and the body through pushes, pulls, frictions, pivots, turns, falls and jumps.
  • The movement possibilities of the torso/dorsal spine.
  • The relation between the movement of torso/dorsal spine and the relation with floor.
  • The relation between the movement of torso/dorsal spine and the eventual feelings, emotions and narratives elements, that this movement can deliver.
  • Group connections and awareness through the space.
  • Rhythm as a bridge of multiple connections between people, music and ourself.

At the end of the workshop we often organise a jam that is open to public to reframe the work in a recreational event. This allows the participants to approach what they have learned in a free and safe environment. The participants are also more than welcome to join the ‘Pot’ on 17 and 18 September at La Geste free of charge. 


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